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As a teacher, what do you want to achieve in Japan?

We offer you a chance to get out of the routine work that so many others do, and instead learn to become a good educator.That way, you can make the most of your stay here.


When you hear a Mayflower class with both teacher and kids laughing their heads off, it won’t be due to lack of control. No, it’s because they are all enjoying the lesson. if you can’t see yourself doing this, you’re probably better off doing robotic rote-teaching, page by textbook page, in a little cubicle somewhere else.

However, if you really enjoy meeting people (don’t forget that children are little people) then you can spend a happy and worthwhile time at Mayflower. And at the end of your stay here, you too will have learned a lot about your own strengths and skills. In other words, you too will have grown. Ask any Mayflower teacher, past or present.

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Vernon Pilgrim